Why I Can Learn Foundation?


We act for the good not for profit


We are a Public Benefit Organization

Hand in hand

We're working with the Masai of southern Kenya


Transparency is a priority for us

Support child’s education!

Become a close friend

We help families. 

We are opening the pantry!

Our model of working?
Striving for independence of supported communities!

Our recent achievements

From April 2012 on Masailand!

Initially as a Committee, now as I Can Learn Foundation

We equalize the opportunities

We support over 150 children from a rural school in southern Kenya. We co-pay tuition fees to the children, buy food and school supplies.

We support initiatives

We cooperate with the Osimlai Masai Organisation. We support local community initiatives. We share our experience.

We develop independence

We are working on a model whose implementation will make the community independent of external support. We invite you to cooperation!


A Close Friend

Helping children in Africa

Access to education is not always easy.
It is worth investing in people who want to learn and then support their community, their country.

Would you like to know more about the Foundation, our work and plans?