Achievements so far

Every day brings new achievements!

Initially, that is in January 2012, we supported 49 children. We paid them tuition fees, and when funds allowed, also school meals. A year later, in October, we started the Olmaoi – Close Friend project, through which we try to find individual support for those in need. Obecnie systematyczną pomoc otrzymuje ponad 150 dzieci we współ-prowadzonej przez nas szkołe Osimlai i w liceach.

over 158,000 meals

In 2021, we will serve over 158,000 meals - breakfast, oatmeal, lunch and dinner - from the school kitchen!

more than 20 major and large projects

In 2012 there was no I Can Learn Foundation yet, but it was from that time that Magda started to co-lead the Osimlai School. So far, we have implemented more than 20 major projects and countless small activities together.


Budowa jadalni z kuchnią

Together with our parents, we built a dining room with a kitchen and a room for the bus driver. We also bought the kitchen itself to make meal preparation more efficient, as well as tables and chairs so that the students could eat comfortably.


Budowa punktu do mycia

The next point assigned to us by the Ministry of Kenya was to build a washing point. We managed to build one as well.


Zakup ławek do szkoły

Students should sit in a lower density so we purchased new 40 long desks for 80 students.


Budowa 5 klas lekcyjnych

Due to the coronavirus, the Kenyan government announced that all classrooms must meet the size requirements for the school to run. Building 5 new classrooms was an amazing feat that we accomplished starting in October 2020.


Budowa pięciu nowych toalet

The girls did not have comfortable conditions. We are glad that with the remaining funds after the construction of classrooms, we were able to build new toilets.


Budowa 3 klas szkolnych

Finishing completed thanks to 1% funding. The old classrooms were already in very poor condition. Built from sheet metal, they unfortunately did not provide comfort during classes.


Wsparcie szkolnego busa

Thanks to the support of Oponeo.pl S.A. we were able to transfer funds for the purchase of tires and insurance for the school bus, and to pay the annual salary for the driver and the need for gasoline.


Pierwsze stypendium w liceum

At the end of 2018, the first 8th graders left the walls of our Osimlai School. Mark is the first to receive a scholarship from us to attend high school. He achieved the best score in Osimlai School on the (KCPE) end of elementary school examination.


Zakup dwóch zacielonych krów

Thanks to the cows at school, kids will be able to eat oatmeal on milk!

60 dzieci może spać już na nowych łóżkach


Zakup łóżek, materacy i pościeli

In January, the school bought beds for students sleeping in the boarding school. Until now, nearly 60 students slept on the floor on mattresses. Now all the children sleep on beds.

Woda w szkole


Podłączenie wody do szkoły

Once again, luck has smiled on us. The Red Cross of Kenya helped the community build a well. This well is located near our school. The Korean organization helped us bring this water to the school boundary. We purchased the rest of the materials needed including water tanks and taps ourselves.


Uzyskanie statusu OPP

We did it! We obtained the status of Public Benefit Organization.

Podręczniki teraz na każdej ławce


Zakup podręczników do szkoły

Most students do not have textbooks so it is important that there are enough textbooks in the school.

Elektryczność w klasach


Podłączenie elektryczności do szkoły

We were very lucky! Good breeds good. The head of a regional power company heard about our school because of our help for poor boys. He decided to help us and a transformer was installed next to us for free! We bought the rest of the components to connect the school to electricity!

Budowa małego internatu dobiegła końca


Budowa małego internatu

Until now the boys have slept in a large room next to the headmistress's house. We built a small brick dormitory for them to have their own place with a guardian.

Nowy bus już w szkole


Zakup nowego busa do szkoły

More than 30 students live far from the school. Some have to walk several kilometers to be picked up by the bus anyway. our new bus can pick them all up and bring them to school!

Budowa internatu dobiegła końca in


Wybudowanie internatu dla dzieci

At the end of 2015 we started the construction of the dormitory, but due to other more urgent needs we stopped the work. We resumed it at the end of 2016, and finished it in April 2017. It currently sleeps 65 girls.

Kurnik już zbudowany


Budowa kurnika i zakup kór

In 2016, thanks to the support of Eximo, a chicken coop was built at the school. Hens and feeders were bought. Thanks to this implementation, children from the school eat eggs several times a month :) which enriches their diet.

Nowa porządna kuchnia w szkole


Wyposażenie kuchni

In 2016, the kitchen was retrofitted with two professional burners along with smoke extraction. This modification made it possible to cook meals faster with less fuel and also minimized the amount of smoke in the kitchen itself.

Dzięki panelom słonecznym jest światło w klasach nawet po zmroku


Panele słoneczne w szkole

In 2015, together with Green Energy Africa, we set up lighting for 8 classrooms in the school. We also included two new solar panels and two batteries. Children who sleep at school can now also read in the evening, and at dinner there is no problem putting food on a spoon ;)

5 pokoi dla nauczycieli


Budowa pięciu pokoi dla nauczycieli


Budowa dwóch klas z cegły

Our first major implementation. Two new classrooms were built in the school. The first of brick!


Budowa dwóch klas z blachy falistej

The increasing number of students has motivated us to build more classrooms. We now have a total of 5 of them!