The upcoming planned actions are:

  • extending child support

    Many children have needs that parents are unable to provide for. First of all, we are talking about medical needs, since some children have birth defects, injuries, or periodical diseases, e.g. resulting from poor nutrition or lack of hygiene. Another important issue is clothing – some children have only one set of clothes – or transportation to school – many children live in remote areas, so they can attend classes only if there is a school bus. However, this is expensive due to the price of petrol, driver’s salary and operation of the minibus, including repairs and insurance. Boarding school is also associated with fees. This is especially true for children who are not able to get to school every day, even if we include the bus ride in this route. The solution for these children is the dormitory, which is currently under construction. The children stay there from Monday to Friday. They are looked after by a so-called matron, who, depending on the age of the children, washes, dresses them, helps with their studies or errands such as laundry and cleaning.

  • women’s activation program

    We are beginning to work on a model for women’s activism. Our goal is to create such a model together with the women of Kenya.

  • projects that give a greater percentage of school self-sufficiency

    In the near future we will start projects of activities supporting the school, aimed at the so-called long-term profit. Examples of planned activities in this area are: planting vegetables within the school fence, creating a chicken coop, and purchasing cows. Long-term plans include: digging a well, completing brick classrooms and a dormitory, and building a playground.

  • activities for children girl guide and scouts