Profile of the action

Our priority is to respect the culture of the Masai and the communities present in the area of support. We work hand in hand so that ideas and opportunities do not pass each other by. We want to complement the needs of the residents as much as they would like using our knowledge and external expert consultation. We act in mutual respect and concern for the dignity of each beneficiary.

We are currently supporting children going to Osimlai Gifted Hands School (see more about our partner Osimlai Community Based Organisation and the school itself), by paying for school fees and board, purchasing compulsory school uniforms, as well as school supplies and materials. The funds collected from the Foundation’s account are transferred directly to the school’s account with a specific spending designation. ( Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)look at the page with the transfers so far)


Contributions, which are used to pay school fees, are used to pay teachers, purchase school supplies and invest in renovations and expansion of the school’s infrastructure (See our school page for details).


We also support the school itself by donating funds for the construction of classrooms, dormitories, purchase of equipment, feeding the children, purchase of water for the school and others (see the subpage School expenses).

Our goal is to make the Masai community of Ildamat district independent. The activities we want to undertake include running workshops for men and women, creating jobs, building a well, and establishing a medical post. You can read more on the page describing our plans.

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