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A Close Friend is someone who will help no matter the time or situation.

The Olmaoi project (in Maa Olmaoi language it means “Close Friend”) aims to find Close Friends for school children in southern Kenya. Most of the children have at least one parent or live with relatives. Among the Maasai, it is practically impossible for children not to live with their relatives, even though they have no biological parents. Family ties are very strong and therefore even the lack of money is not the slightest obstacle to helping a relative. You are welcome to join the family :)


How can you provide support to a student?

  1. Select the student you wish to support from the list below,
  2. Go to his subpage by clicking on his picture or name,
  3. On its sub-page, fill out the form to join the project,
  4. Donate your initial support,
  5. Expect an email confirming your joining the project,
  6. Congratulations! (If you get to this point you will be changing the world with us for the better :)

Join the family !

Why is it worth becoming a friend?

  1. You are changing the world for the better :)
  2. You really help students and the school – 95% of the amount you donate will go to the school. We allocate 5% to the administrative costs of running the Foundation,
  3. Once a year, you will receive a laurel/card/letter in the mail from a supported student,
  4. Once a year, we will send you an updated photo and information about the supported student to your email inbox,
  5. You will have the opportunity to exchange letters/cards with your student,
  6. Once a month we will send you the latest news from the school in the form of a newsletter

As part of the Olmaoi – Close Friend Project, we pay for children:

School fees

The Foundation subsidizes the children’s school fees. We are also motivating the parents to contribute to the financing of the school fees, if only by paying small amounts. Parents of the children included in the project are obliged to contribute at least KES 500 (about 18,5 PLN) a month, we contribute KES 1600 (about 60 PLN). The amount of tuition is used to pay for the teachers and staff employed by the project, to buy food, to buy necessary equipment and teaching aids, or to modernize classrooms. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

School meals

We also pay for school meals for the children. A big problem is the droughts that cause many children to eat only at school. Every day, five days a week, the children receive two hot meals: oatmeal and lunch. Oatmeal is a blend of seven flours. Lunch is always a balanced meal. The composition of the meals is supervised by a Kenyan nutritionist from the hospital. When possible, we enrich the diet with meat and fruit. The food at the school costs about 800 KES (about 31 PLN) per month. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

A friend at boarding school

Some of the children, due to their situation, need support in paying school fees and staying at the boarding school. In addition to the cost of tuition and board at school, there are costs of boarding houses, matrons who take care of students, extra food, fuel for water pumping, paying mothers who wash students’ clothes and bedding, and others. The cost of boarding and lodging for a student is 3,200 kes (about 120 PLN per month).

Below you will find a list of students who are currently seeking support

In high school, boarding school, and day school.

Students seeking support in high school

Need support from a friend 42 – 200 PLN per month.

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Students seeking support at boarding school

Need the support of a friend 30 – 140 PLN per month.

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Students seeking support at school

Need support from a friend 30 – 60 PLN per month.

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